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Most Trusted Plagiarism Checker Tools Available Online


The plagiarism checker tools are available in large numbers online. But how will you identify the perfect plagiarism checker tool? Keep the following points into consideration:

  •     The plagiarism checker too should be reliable and trustworthy to keep the confidentiality of the document
  •     Check the reviews and feedback of the people as it tells the track history. If the track record is good, then you can rely on that software otherwise, pass it on.
  •     The plagiarism checker tool also provides with some other additional benefits
  •     The price is the main concern. The plagiarism checker tools which are free are easy to access. Some plagiarism checker tools provide free access in connection with some other browser.
  •     The privacy should be maintained; some plagiarism checker leaks the data on the internet which then make your whole data plagiarized when you forward it for the final step
  •     The speed and response should be high to keep the work going.

Following are the few most trusted plagiarism checker tools on which you can rely on:

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker: is a website that provides its users with academic benefits. The best part is that it is free. You can use this at any time online. It also provides a way to use many other tools that help in writing and improving scientific writing. Not only students or teachers use this plagiarism checker, but the bloggers also use such tools to purify their blogs.

There are multiple tools like the grammar checker, reverse image search tool; word count tool is present on the website.  These all features help in enhancing the readability score and reliability of the content that will benefit you while getting the document published.

It has made it easy to check the plagiarism by providing the opportunity to download the file on this from your laptop. The copy and paste take time and also has a chance of getting leaked of the data.  You cannot escape the plagiarism as it was reported in history that Helen Keller was once accused of plagiarism in telling a short story of someone else.


Grammarly is a tool that can be freely used on a few internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Otherwise, you need to buy if you want to use it fully on your laptop. The Grammarly tool provides many benefits like:

  •     It detects typos errors.
  •     T detects spelling mistakes.
  •     It detects extra or no spacing.
  •     It improves readability.
  •     It enhances the quality of the document.
  •     It detects the punctuation errors.
  •     It underlines the mistakes so you can correct all of them

The powerful feature of the Grammarly is its punctuation checker. The punctuation is something that makes the sentences readable and meaningful. The wrong punctuation or wrong position of a punctuation ma can totally make the meaning of the sentence the opposite. Some other plagiarism websites also have the punctuation checker, but its ability to detect punctuation errors and correcting the punctuation error is higher than all.


Turnitin is a high-quality plagiarism checker tool that has wonderful features of detecting the plagiarized content. Turnitin is running Successful all over the world by the teachers, students, universities. Teachers and universities prefer to but the software to keep a check on the students working. Turnitin also helps the teachers in checking and improving their scientifically written documents so that they can publish that in the related journal.

The purpose of Turnitin is to improve the writing skills of the users, especially high school students. It generates a whole plagiarism report at the end that highlights all the mistakes and the plagiarized content. The source by which the content is taken is also provided in the plagiarism report along with the percentage. So you will be really careful next time writing.

The Turnitin plagiarism checker enables the students to critically think about their work and improve it. It helps in the continuous improvement of the person. You can check the blogs or articles in this, too. It has a large spectrum of web resources, books to detect the minute plagiarism. 

Softo Plagiarism Checker: helps you in detecting grammar errors, spelling errors, plagiarism. It provides a large framework of 200 plus tools like calculators, SEO tools, backlinks maker, Minify CSS, Minify HTML, googles indexer, article rewriter, bulk age domain checker, line counter, DNS lookup, word combiner, tiny text generator, broken links checker and many more. After improving and correcting the mistakes and errors of the content, you can check the readability score on Softo website. The Softo website provides the users to rewrite the article on their own. They will help you in completely modifying the article that will not catch up with plagiarism. Use the images from the reverse image search in your documents.

SmallSEOtools: provides tools like:

  •     Image editing tools (image compression, reverse image search, crop image, image resize, video to gif converter, jpg to png.)
  •     Keyword tools (keyword competition tool, keyword position, a keyword research tool, related keyword finder, SEO keyboard, keyword difficulty checker)
  •     Website management tools (website SEO score checker, online website plug tool, Google PageRank tool, website page snooper, the website hit counter, page speed test, open graph checker, URL encoder-decoder, instant search suggestions tool, mobile-friendly test)
  •     Backlink tools (link price calculator, website link count check, backlink maker, broken backlink checker, anchor text distribution, link price calculator)

Check Plagiarism:
Check-plagiarism is a plagiarism tool that is not free. You have to buy a plan for it:

  •     The basic plan
  •     The standard plan
  •     The company plan


The basic plan is available at 10 $ rate, and the standard plan is available at 20 $ rate, the company plan is provided at the rate of 50 $. Each has similar features but a varying number of search queries. All are available 24/ 7 a day. There is no word limit in these plans. The search and detection of plagiarism are 10 times faster than the other free plagiarism checker. Choose the plans according to your needs and budget. It is totally safe and secure to use.

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