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pCloud celebrates Singles Days with a massive discounts

ZUG, SWITZERLAND - Media OutReach - 11 November 2022 - pCloud, leading cloud storage service announced Singles Day celebration with a huge sale of its Lifetime Plans. Users in Asia have even more reasons to be excited about pCloud now.

The cloud storage company was launched back in September 2013. Triggered by the growing need of cybersecurity, the young forward-thinking pCloud team has set his foot on the rapidly growing IT market with the mission to provide the world with a cloud storage solution that works seamlessly for both individuals and businesses.

Along with its smart file security measurements and variety of file management options, the company has also pioneered the industry with its Lifetime plan, which is an innovative price model that gives users the opportunity to get a lifelong account with just one payment.

pClouders residing in Asia have even more reasons to be excited about pCloud these days. The cloud storage provider has just announced its new Singles Day Promotion.

From November 10th to 14th, users will have the chance to receive up to 10TB storage with up to 85% discount.

During the last 12 months, the ambitious team at pCloud has continued to develop by releasing new features and even a NEW Product- pCloud Pass.

From now on users do not have to worry about the security of their passwords and personal data.

pCloud Pass is the secure password manager for your passwords and personal data. Users can use it to log in to websites with a single click, fill online forms with their payment details and create strong passwords with the built-in password generator. With this new app users can save their credit card details and use secure notes to write down alarm document IDs, bank account numbers, pin codes and more.

One thing that sets pCloud apart from some of the big-name players in the game is zero-knowledge encryption. pCloud Pass uses client-side encryption to ensure users data is protected from all kinds of attacks. This means that everything clients save gets encrypted on their device before it's uploaded to the pCloud servers. Only users can decrypt the data by using the Master Password.

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About pCloud
With over 16M users worldwide pCloud is one of the most advanced and easy-to-use cloud storage on the market. Founded nine years ago by a group of IT specialists and entrepreneurs, the company provides innovative, fast and secure cloud storage for individuals and businesses. Today, the service is one of the top 5 cloud storage services and is in competition with top providers such as Google and Dropbox. With unique features such as pCloud Drive, branded download links, upload links, and synchronizing multiple folders, pCloud delivers unmatched versatility, security, and sharing capabilities. With pCloud Drive, files can be completely stored in the cloud, freeing up local hard drive space. This also improves the upload and download speed of files of any size that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. pCloud is the first cloud storage provider to offer both encrypted and unencrypted folders within the same account. With pCloud's unique client-side encryption functionality users' files are safely hidden from any unauthorized access.

pCloud is available on the App Store, Google Play, and  www.pcloud.com.

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