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Rabu, 09 November 2022 11:24:00

Kearney Opens Manila Office to Capture Growth Opportunities in the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Media OutReach - 9 November 2022 - Global management consulting firm Kearney announces the opening of its Philippines office in Manila as part of the firm's next stage of growth in Southeast Asia. Driven by client demand, the Manila office will enable Kearney to capture the growth opportunities and strengthen its commitment to the market.

This expansion is built upon Kearney's close working relationship with clients in the Philippines since the 2010s, as well as its heritage as the original strategic operations and transformation firm. Over the years, particularly during the pandemic, Kearney has helped companies in sectors such as Communication, Media & Tech, Financial Services, Health and more to enhance their resilience in an evolving business landscape.

Kearney is planning to grow its team in the next few quarters by hiring more local talent, who will be supported by a bench of experts in the region, particularly in the areas of procurement, operations, and supply chain.

"Our Philippines business portfolio has grown steadily in the past few years. While the pandemic and recent geopolitical and economic uncertainties have created a challenging environment for businesses, they see the value that a third-party consultant brings to the table in helping them uncover and capture untapped opportunities through transformation," said Marco de la Rosa, Partner, Philippines Country Head at Kearney.

The Philippines economy is poised for growth in the short to medium term. According to the Asian Development Bank's latest forecast, the Philippines leads all Southeast Asian countries in its 2022 GDP growth at 6.5%, tying with Vietnam, and continues to see strong growth momentum in 2023 with GDP forecast to grow at 6.3%[1].

"We believe the future is bright for the Philippines market," Marco added. "As we look to 2023—even as organizations are being more prudent given macroeconomic conditions—we expect to see Philippine corporates grow into adjacencies and accelerate their entry into the digital economy; more Philippine tech companies playing at a regional or even global level; and the government investing more in the requisite infrastructure and talent to enable this. These factors, together with the Philippines' recent trajectory and strong fundamentals, make us incredibly bullish about the road ahead."

"Southeast Asia remains an engine of growth in Asia and countries like the Philippines have risen as a compelling alternative for global supply chains against recent geopolitical headwinds and disruptions," said Nithin Chandra, Managing Partner, Southeast Asia at Kearney. "We see enormous potential in the region, and are committed to leveraging our deep local knowledge and extensive regional network to grow together with our clients."

[1] https://www.adb.org/countries/philippines/economy

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