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Rabu, 13 September 2023 00:08:00

pCloud Celebrates a Decade of Innovation and Security in Online Storage: A Decade of Data Management Excellence

ZUG, SWITZERLAND - Media OutReach - 11 September 2023 - pCloud, the leading platform in online storage and data management, proudly commemorates a decade of reshaping the digital landscape. Since its inception in 2013, pCloud, a European cloud storage service provider created in Switzerland and compliant with Swiss privacy laws and GDPR, has redefined how individuals and businesses manage their data, offering secure, reliable, and user-centric solutions that have garnered the trust of over 19 million users worldwide.

A Symphony of Achievements:

1. Global User Reach: With its worldwide presence, pCloud has fostered a global community of 19 million users who rely on its exceptional services for their data storage needs.
2. Innovation and Security: Throughout the past decade, pCloud's innovation has set new industry standards, all while maintaining an unblemished record of data security. pCloud utilizes advanced encryption techniques to safeguard user data. The company also boldly launched the "Hacking Challenge", inviting the world's best hackers to test its security measures, with none succeeding.
3. Championing Data Privacy: Over the years, pCloud's commitment to privacy has stood unwavering, resulting in zero data breaches. Users can trust that their data is safe and remains their own.
4. Launch of pCloud Pass: In 2022, pCloud extended its commitment to security by launching pCloud Pass, a truly secure European password manager. pCloud Pass provides users with a safe and convenient way to manage their passwords, enhancing their online security.
5. More Security Tools: pCloud introduced innovative security tools like a Data Breach Checker, Password Strength Checker, and Strong Password Generator, empowering users to safeguard their digital presence.
6. Unique Offerings: pCloud has been at the forefront of innovation by becoming the first cloud storage to offer Lifetime plans with a unique payment model. Additionally, pCloud introduced a pioneering 10TB storage plan, meeting the evolving needs of its user base.
7. Referral Campaign: To thank its loyal users for a decade of support, pCloud is launching a referral campaign that rewards users with free storage. For each successful referral, users and their friends both receive additional storage space, strengthening the pCloud community.

An Exciting Future Ahead:

As pCloud embarks on its next decade, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to pushing the boundaries of data management technology. "Tunio Zafer, CEO of pCloud, expressed, "Our journey of the last 10 years has been characterized by innovation, security, and unwavering user trust. We're excited to carry this legacy forward as we continue to redefine data management."

About pCloud
pCloud is a Swiss trailblazing online storage and data management platform that has transformed the way individuals and businesses interact with their data. Established in 2013, pCloud's focus on innovation, security, and user satisfaction has garnered the trust of 19 million users worldwide.

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