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Sabtu, 24 November 2018 12:37:00

Hugill & Ip Welcomes the Fifth Partner, Further Strengthening its Private Client Practice and Launches The #foodwill Campaign

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 23 November 2018 - In less than three months the firm has grown from two founding partners - Adam Hugill and Alfred Ip - and a total of fifteen headcounts to two more partners, who joined in September, and now adds a fifth one -- Freda Lim -- who brings with her a small team specialized in Private Client, Estate & Trust practice area.

The firm has now twenty-two headcounts and in the next few months only plans to add few more solicitors as it wants to remain a very focused boutique firm which offers tailor-made legal services, while keeping a readily adaptable attitude, an innovative approach and a great value for its clients.

Alfred Ip has greatly benefitted from a growing inflow of Private Client work in the past decade, due to the growing level of wealth in Hong Kong and across the border, and the rising need for more complex trust structures and sophisticated estate planning. Now this practice area has been further reinforced with Freda's joining with the scope of creating one of the biggest Private Client platforms, yet still keeping the boutique law firm footprint and a more approachable attitude.

Moreover, Adam Hugill's Employment practice is constantly developing and gaining a respected position with employers, employees and among other legal peers. Being at the forefront of providing practical and straightforward advice in a complex and developing area of law in today's fast-paced Hong Kong environment.

Whether advising individuals or companies, Adam Hugill provides advice that is result-driven.  With extensive knowledge and experience of employment law in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region, he advises on all options but also come off-the-fence and offer advice that achieves a practical solution.

Indeed, the beauty of being small while having the upside of being specialised are extremely positive elements, in fact they allow the firm to provide personalized and hands-on attention in the areas that the five partners master, focusing in putting clients' interests first. A great sense of freedom and renewed joy was there since the start, also due to the firm choice of concentrating in Hugill & Ip's four main pillars: Private Client & Family -- Employment -- Corporate & Commercial -- Dispute Resolution.

Planning was also quite crucial. The use of technology was one of the main aspects of a more streamlined and efficient way of managing day-to-day business: from creating clients' matters within the system, to recording fee-earners time, from issuing invoices to communicating both internally and externally, from managing accounting tasks to the commitment to be almost a paperless office, Hugill & Ip has greatly benefitted from technology but also from all employees embracing change and innovation.

Meanwhile, Hugill & Ip is reinforcing its social responsibility commitment - not only by having created a diverse and inclusive workplace -  but also as it has launched The #foodwill Campaign, a joint charity collaboration with Feeding Hong Kong.

The campaign will raise funds to fight hunger and reduce the amount of quality food going to waste in Hong Kong landfills. Both organisations are excited to join hands and raising awareness about food waste, hunger and food banking. Until the end of 2018, donations to Feeding Hong Kong will benefit this important cause while Hugill & Ip will write free wills in return. For further details, please check the following link.

Bespoke Legal Solutions

Hugill & Ip's view is long term and endeavours to build lasting client relationships based on trust, professionalism and discretion.

As a young independent law firm, yet its lawyers bring decades of experience providing bespoke legal advice and exceptional client service to individuals, families, entrepreneurs and businesses, in Hong Kong and internationally.


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