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Ruckus Networks Powers Asia Pacific University Campuses

Elevating the Student Experience with Fast and Reliable Connectivity

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - November 27, 2018 -Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, today announced that Asia Pacific University (APU) selected the company's indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points, SmartZone™ network controllers and ICX switches, to deliver an exceptional digital experience for students at its existing and new Technology & Innovation Campus.

The campus required a completely new network that was fast and reliable but was also able to scale to meet the future demands of its growing student population. APU's network team also faced a challenge of providing satisfactory service levels to stakeholders across both of its campuses, which are located approximately 1.5 km apart.

Ruckus Networks -- selected for its exceptional performance, simple configuration, and optimal cost -- will build a complete scalable wired and wireless network infrastructure to meet the growing needs of APU's expanding student population, connected devices, and bandwidth requirements.

APU deployed Ruckus' access points to deliver seamless wireless network roaming across both campuses. These access points are managed by Ruckus' virtual SmartZone (vSZ) controller, which can scale up to 300,000 devices, enabling administrators to expand and adapt the network according to the university requirements.

The university also deployed Ruckus' ICX switches which simplified network set-up and management, enhanced security, minimized troubleshooting, and made upgrades easy. This resulted in significant time savings and fewer resources. Also, the ICX switching architecture ensured excellent throughput for the most demanding video, wireless interactive projection, and unified communications including VoIP, VDI, and mobile applications.

APU is also looking at future network upgrades that will help drive innovation, including analytics and insights for indoor location tracking to help administrators track student movements within campus buildings in case of emergencies. Another example is helping lecturers automatically track attendance without requiring students to manually "tap-in" using their student IDs.

"Ruckus enabled us to deploy a high-performance network solution for our new campus, and focus our efforts on delivering innovations for a world-class educational experience to our APU students to enable digital learning," said Rasodin Ramuddin Hamzah, Technology Infrastructure and Systems Manager, APU.

"We are excited to deliver innovations that enable digital learning with our education partners and customers in higher education," said William Ho, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, ARRIS. "We are committed to bringing superior connectivity experiences to our customers with high-performance networks to enable next-generation learning and teaching."

For more information, please download the case study here.

About Ruckus Networks

Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, is redefining connectivity around the globe. With our partners, we build secure wired and wireless access networks for organizations that place a premium on connectivity experiences for end users as well as simplicity and lower-cost-per-connection for IT. Follow Ruckus on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and subscribe to our blog.


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