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Kamis, 01 April 2021 20:47:00

NCS to offer new big data and mobility intelligence services through integration of DataSpark

Integration expands NCS’ NEXT service offerings in end-to-end advanced analytics and big data to support its Asia-Pacific growth strategy

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 1 April 2021 -  NCS will integrate DataSpark, a telco-centric data science and engineering subsidiary of Singtel Group, under its growing NCS NEXT organisation. This integration expands NCS' capabilities in providing end-to-end advanced analytics and big data solutions with mobility intelligence services. NCS and DataSpark clients can better harness big data for digital transformation, augment their existing data platforms with geo-spatial data, and transform the data into mobility intelligence to draw deeper customer insights and drive business outcomes.

Ng Kuo Pin, Chief Executive Officer, NCS said, "We want to be a trusted digital transformation partner for governments and enterprises in the Asia Pacific region and are committed to helping our clients succeed by harnessing new technologies in big data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Adding DataSpark's geo-spatial and mobility intelligence services to our already robust end-to-end data capabilities opens up new possibilities for our clients, by enabling them to draw an incredibly detailed understanding of how people and their customers move, identifying unmet needs and growth opportunities."

A key capability of DataSpark is using mobility data intelligence to help organisations make better-informed business strategy and plans by understanding how people move, where they go, and what they do. This is done by processing large amounts of anonymised mobile, Global Positioning System (GPS), public transport, road network, immigration, and census data. In 2020, DataSpark successfully gathered anonymised telco-sourced data on changes in unique daily worker volumes within Singapore and Australia's Central Business Districts (CBD), which provided insights and solutions into the future of workers in CBD offices.

Shaowei Ying, Chief Operating Officer, DataSpark, said, "DataSpark's presence in high-growth markets and unique capabilities in mobility data intelligence are a natural complement to NCS' growth strategy in Asia Pacific. By joining the NCS family, we can expand our digital footprint to reach new clients in a variety of sectors such as healthcare, out-of-home media, retail, tourism, transport, urban planning, and more. With the synergy of NCS' resources and NCS NEXT teams, we are excited to explore the growth opportunities this integration will bring and will continue to innovate to help our clients make informed business decisions with mobility data and actionable insights."

With a presence in Australia (known as DSpark), Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore, DataSpark offers a range of solutions ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning, to bespoke telecommunication data tools.

DataSpark will continue to run independently under NCS NEXT to further accelerate and expand its product and service offerings.

About NCS

NCS is a member of the Singtel Group and the leading information, communications and technology (ICT) service provider with presence in the Asia Pacific region. NCS delivers end-to-end ICT solutions to help governments and enterprises realise business value through digital transformation and the innovative use of technology. NCS invests in NEXT capabilities of digital, cloud, and platform while continuously strengthening its core offerings of Applications, Infrastructure, Engineering, and Cyber services. NCS also believes in building a strong partner eco-system with leading technology players and research institutions to support open innovation and co-creation.

For more information, please visit www.ncs.com.sg.


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